Several companies offer dating referral services, which involve the matching of members by use of the computer or other means for the purpose of dating and general social contact, for a fee. Click on the link below to find more information about this topic. The dating referral services begin with the establishment of a contract between the social referral company and the consumer. The buyer may terminate the contract without paying a cancellation fee within three 3 days of receipt of the written contract. If the company fails to provide the minimum number of referrals for two 2 or more successive months, the buyer may cancel the agreement and receive a refund of all money paid to the company. The company must return the adjusted refund within ten 10 business days of the receipt of the cancellation notice. The buyer can, at any time, put his membership on hold for up to one 1 year, or, if the buyer and seller agree on a longer period, for up to two 2 years. The contract must provide the buyer with notice of the option to cancel. Upon termination of the contract for any reason, the seller must promptly return all personal information to the buyer by certified mail.

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It’s important to know your rights when you’re trying to resolve a dispute with a retailer. But people often make the wrong assumptions about what the laws allow, or they rely on misinformation from friends, family, or merchants. Here are some common scenarios, the laws that apply, and advice on how to get satisfaction:.

To cancel a sale, sign and date one copy of the cancellation form. You also may wish to contact your state Attorney General or local consumer protection agency. more rights than the FTC’s Cooling-Off Rule, and some local consumer offices 60 days after the first bill containing the disputed amount is mailed to you.

The Legal Aid Society is built upon one simple but powerful belief: that no New Yorker should be denied the right to equal justice. Every day, in courthouses and communities across the city, we advocate for the rights of all New Yorkers. Start here to see how we can help you. New York lawmakers pushed through a sweeping package of rent laws that will strengthen protections for vulnerable tenants.

For decades, we have advocated to keep our city affordable for all New Yorkers. See what we are doing to help, and join us in our fight for our fellow New Yorkers. Our expert teams work across practice areas on nearly every area of law that impacts New Yorkers. At The Legal Aid Society collaborations with our communities fuel the work we do in each and every courtroom in New York City, and inform our policy and law reform efforts to benefit all New Yorkers.

Every individual who works with The Legal Aid Society is an essential part of our mission to deliver equal justice and racial equity.

Buyer’s Remorse: When the FTC’s Cooling-Off Rule May Help

View a table of state seasonal termination protections only. NOTE: These policies may not apply to all utilities in your state. In general, municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives are not regulated and the policies do not apply to them.

By accessing or using our Services on the BLK mobile application (the review the New York Dating Service Consumer Bill of Rights here;.

Because of the similarities of these two cases, a consolidated decision is issued. In relation to the application of the Dating Service Law, more than a decade ago, it was judicially determined that the law did cover services which match members by creating a location and mechanism for members to assess each other by reviewing another member’s video, photograph and profile—a substantially similar service to the one defined by the written contract terms here Great Expectations Creative Mgt.

It is sufficient if defendant made available the matching of members. The mere fact that the basic social introduction process was to be conducted on the Internet in this case does not place the dating service outside the scope of the law. Indeed, in Grossman v MatchNet plc 10 AD3d [1st Dept ] , the Appellate Division applied the Dating Service Law to an Internet social referral service with far less expensive services and viewed any distinction regarding the use of the Internet as too insignificant to merit discussion.

Because the Dating Service Law is found applicable, the court will review the contract and the service’s operation for compliance with the statute. Two types of departures are found. First, there was a massive overcharge by the dating service. The subject dating service contracts assured that there would be no referrals and, even as the oral assurances given to claimant Roe of 12 introductions to be provided over the course of 36 months, failed to commit to any number of introductions in any given month.

Turning to the issue of damages, the Dating Service Law states that “[a]ny person who has been injured by reason of a violation of this section may bring. This court had its opportunity to “view the witnesses, hear the testimony and observe demeanor” People v Bleakley, 69 NY2d , []; see also, Northern Westchester Professional Park Assoc. In this case, each claimant, both appearing to be intelligent, well-spoken and attractive professional women, carefully negotiated the services to be provided.

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Every day, in courthouses and communities across the city, we advocate for the rights of all New Yorkers. Start here to see how we can help you. Select.

For centuries, New York City has stood as a beacon of hope and opportunity for immigrants, holding out the promise of a better future to millions of people around the world. New York City is, and must always be, a place that is welcoming to people who want to make a better life for themselves, no matter where in the world they come from. The dreams and aspirations of the 3. This updated manual includes information that I hope will be relevant to immigrant communities in the five boroughs.

In addition, the manual includes materials about:. This manual is not intended to provide answers to every question that an immigrant New Yorker may have about laws and policies. Nor does it replace the guidance that a lawyer can provide to an immigrant in need of legal services. But in these uncertain and trying times, the manual can help clarify certain issues and answer some of the questions that many immigrants, especially those who have recently arrived in New York City, may have about the laws of the City and how to obtain assistance from their government and other service providers.

Sincerely, Scott M. Everyone has important legal rights, regardless of their immigration status. Be aware of your rights and what to do to protect yourself and your family. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE is the main federal government agency responsible for enforcing immigration law. ICE can deport people without lawful immigration status and people with status e. On January 25, , President Trump issued a new executive order that expands the detention and deportation priorities of ICE.

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New York Laws General Bus. The department shall consult with the department of state, to enhance distribution of fliers to consumers. The flier shall be in a form which is easily reproducible by photocopy machine.

You have many rights and protections if you have health insurance coverage bills apply to consumers who receive health care services in New York even if.

Smart home speakers, intelligent personal assistants and other connected devices extend computer networks to everyday items. These applications and devices have the capability to collect and share personal information to an extent not possible previously, and sometimes in ways that are not apparent to consumers. Requires a commercial website that collects personal information from more than users to establish a secure personal information portal that allows a person to access their own information and correct any errors.

Relates to biological characteristics, relates to biometric identifiers. Requires a developer of a website or software application that uses the microphone or camera functionality of a device to collect audio or image data to disclose the data that is being collected and the reason it is being collected to the user. Excludes from the definition of consumer in the state Consumer Privacy Act a natural person whose personal information has been collected by a business in the course of a person acting as a job applicant to, an employee of, a contractor of, or an agent on behalf of, the business, to the extent the person’s personal information is collected and used solely for purposes compatible with the context of that person’s role as a job applicant, employee, contractor, or agent of the business.

Requires a social networking service to provide users that close their accounts the option to have the user’s personally identifiable information permanently removed from the company’s database and records and to prohibit the service from selling that information to, or exchanging that information with, a third party in the future, subject to specified exceptions. Requires a social media company to honor such a request within a commercially reasonable time.

Prescribes the circumstances under which telephone and telegraph corporations may release specified information, including customer proprietary network information, regarding noncommercial subscribers without their written consent. Specifically includes geolocation information in the information that may only be released with a noncommercial subscriber’s written consent. Amends the Consumer Privacy Act. Authorizes a business to enter a consumer into a financial incentive program only if the consumer affirmatively consents to the material terms of the incentive program.

Prohibits a business from using a financial incentive practice that is unjust, unreasonable, coercive or usurious in nature.

State Disconnection Policies

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: The Codes and other documents that appear on this site may not yet reflect the most current legislation or rules adopted by the City. In addition, certain textual errors and omissions may temporarily exist, resulting from problems in the source database provided to American Legal and from which this website was created. Although these errors and omissions are being corrected, any user discovering any such error is invited to please contact the publisher at NYC.

Consumer Affairs (DCA). Office of Labor Policy &. Standards is NYC’s central resource for workers. To contact DCA: Call (NEW-YORK outside NYC).

The candidates change; the divide on guns remains the same. The surprise will be if the contest between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican President Trump unearths much beyond what voters have come to expect from the two major parties on gun policy in recent elections. Read More. He was widely mocked on social media after a recent interview with the police chief, which critics said was overly fawning and deferential A federal judge has ordered Louisville not to enforce the Fairness Ordinance against a local photographer.

Chelsea Nelson sued Louisville November , she argued the ordinance violates her constitutional rights by making it illegal to refuse her services for same-sex weddings. The lawsuit aims to reopen schools across the state, but the state is fighting back. Counties would be allowed to create citizen police review boards under legislation proposed recently in the state Legislature. Austin Davis, D-Allegheny, introduced House Bill to amend state law allowing second through eighth class counties to create the boards, which would have nine members.

Members would reflect the geographic and cultural diversity of a county, according to the legislation, with membership made up of two members from a borough, two members from a first class township, two members from a second class township and one member from the county at-large Students in one central Illinois district are barred from wearing pajamas while taking online classes, with education officials there saying sleepwear is “not acceptable school apparel.

Dinowitz to introduce legislation modernizing Utility Consumer Bill of Rights

Medical billing in the United States can seem like an extremely convoluted process. Even when covered by insurance or Medicare, you may find unexpected balances due to odd procedural codes, a slew of medical jargon, and insurance adjustments. This guide will help you, as a patient, navigate the medical billing process from the moment you contact a healthcare provider about an appointment until after you receive your bill in the mail.

STATE OF NEW-YORK, PASSED BY THE LEGISLATURE AT THEIR TENTH SESSION. “When I am going on a date, I just assume I am going to pay.

If you choose to purchase energy from an ESCO, you are entitled to:. If you are a residential customer, you are also entitled to the rights and protections of the Home Energy Fair Practices Act HEFPA which requires that all utility customers be treated fairly with regard to application for service, customer billing, and complaint procedures.

ESCOs that do not assure these consumer rights could lose their eligibility to provide service in New York. You can find more information about your energy alternatives by visiting: www. Sorry, this plan is not available for your location. Click your state below to view offers in your area. Receive energy delivery and 24 hour emergency services from your utility company.

Online Dating Service Attracts Cuomo’s Attention

If you choose to purchase energy from an ESCO you are entitled to:. If you are a residential customer you are also entitled to the rights and protections of the Home Energy Fair Practices Act HEFPA which requires that all utility customers be treated fairly with regard to application for service, customer billing, and complaint procedures. Title to, and risk of loss of the energy will pass from Greenlight Energy Inc.

Greenlight Energy Inc.

The dating service fell far short in its contractual role as a matchmaker for lonely Western New Yorkers, Spitzer said. enacted to provide every consumer a bill of rights when contracting with dating services,” Spitzer said.

The law would, therefore, potentially impact businesses based outside New York State if their marketing efforts are directed at New York residents. The current draft of the bill includes several important exemptions. The NYPA also broadly defines “personal data” to include not only specific identifiers such as names, addresses, and social security numbers , but includes financial information, medical information, biometric data, online activity information, geolocation data, or any other information from which inferences could be used to create profiles about an individual’s preferences or behavior.

Any such information may only be used, processed, or transferred by a business with a consumer’s consent, which must be supported by a written statement “or other clear affirmative action” by the consumer. The bill also imposes the role of “data fiduciary” on any covered business, which is required to exercise the duty of care, loyalty, and confidentiality expected of a fiduciary with regard to securing the personal data against a privacy risk.

In protecting the consumer against any such risk, a covered business would be required to act in the best interests of the consumer, in a manner expected by a reasonable consumer under the circumstances. Notably, this fiduciary duty would expressly supersede any duty owed to owners or shareholders of a covered legal entity. In performing its fiduciary duty to the consumer, a covered business would be required to reasonably secure personal data from unauthorized access and promptly notify any consumer of any breach of the above-described data fiduciary duty, though no specific time period for such notification is provided.

To the extent that the covered business discloses, sells, or shares any personal data with a third party such as a vendor or third-party data processor , any such third party must enter into a written contract with the covered business that imposes the same duties of care, loyalty, and confidentiality toward the consumer as required of the covered business. In selecting or contracting with any such vendor or third party, the covered business is also required to conduct due diligence of any third-party recipient of personal data, including auditing, on a regular basis, the data security practices of any such recipient.

The NYPA provides consumers with enforceable rights that must be observed and protected by covered businesses. Covered businesses must provide a clear privacy notice to consumers of such rights, and provide an opportunity for consumers to opt in or out of processing of personal data in such a manner that each consumer must select and clearly indicate their consent or denial of consent.

Private Right to Sue Under NY Data Privacy Bill Could Clog Courts, Business Leaders Say

With parts of New York, including the Bronx, still recovering from power outages after Tropical Storm Isaias , Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz announced plans to introduce legislation modernizing consumer protections for utility consumers. It would supplement existing legislation from Dinowitz to create a statewide, independent Office of the Utility Consumer Advocate as well as legislation to reform complaint procedures against utility providers by the Public Service Commission.

The modernized Utility Consumer Bill of Rights will propose reforms to utility provider procedure during service outages, such as what has frequently occurred in New York City during recent storms and heat waves. The bill is intended to be part of a broader discussion about how to better regulate power companies to serve the interests of consumers and proposed reforms will include:.

8 State of the State proposals, called for updating New York’s Dating Service Consumer Bill of Rights. His plan would change “members of the.

Attorney General Andrew M. Fun fact from the press release? The problem is the insufficient number of men to match the much larger number of women who sign up. Tables for Six has the problem. Tables for Six female members complain bitterly of the same number of dinner invitations and the potential serious relationship material of men who attend.

I would have liked to have been offered a six-month option to put me out of my misery faster. Table for Six is a total scam and I am writing to every news station here as well as our Atty General and my attorney and best friend is getting me help as well. I encourage anyone out there that has had the rip-off experience with this company to contact me at at mauicat comcast.

I have already had several members contact me. They never follow the profile you set up with them. It is humiliating and we need to stop them!!!

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