So the roses and chocolates were chucked for sessions of speed dating and a salsa dance workshop. Organised by a dating app, the event witnessed Gurgaon-based working professionals register themselves for speed dating sessions, where five guys and five girls would interact with each other one-on-one for three minutes each. At the end of the three minutes, each guy would move to his left and talk to a different girl, trying to strike up a conversation. Meeting people face-to-face is always a refreshing experience. Speed dating was followed by a salsa lesson for couples conducted by Delhi-based dancers Shilpi and Sumit at the amphitheatre in the entertainment zone. We got training on a few basic steps, and we took on from there. This is really better than a movie-and-dinner date.

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Over the past three decades, HFCL has delivered innovative, customized and competitive products and latest solutions in the high technology telecommunications infrastructure sector, thereby enabling its customers to stay ahead of their peers in technology and network efficiency. The Company specializes in manufacturing of telecommunication equipment, optical fiber cables and intelligent power systems.

HFCL is a leading manufacturer of optical fiber cables, optical transport, power electronics and broadband equipment for the telecommunication industry. HFCL products are based on advanced technological designs, suited to the extreme environments prevalent in India and have the reputation of being robust and reliable. HFCL offers innovative integrated power solutions, indigenously developed at our labs and factories, to provide highest network uptime at optimum costs.

HFCL through its Polish technology company Polixel, offers surveillance and security technologies that provide safer and smarter urban civilian environment.

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Aravalli, a composite Sanskrit word from “ara” and “vali” , literally means the “line of peaks”. The Aravalli Range, an eroded stub of ancient mountains, is the oldest range of fold mountains in India. The Proterozoic Aravalli-Delhi orogenic belt in northwest India is similar to the younger Himalayan-type orogenic belts of the Mesozoic – Cenozoic era of the Phanerozoic in terms of component parts and appears to have passed through a near-orderly Wilson supercontinental cycle of events.

The range rose in a Precambrian event called the Aravalli – Delhi Orogen. The Aravalli Range is a northeast-southwest trending orogenic belt that is located in the northwestern part of Indian Peninsula. It is part of the Indian Shield that was formed from a series of cratonic collisions. Aravalli, being the old fold mountains, have stopped growing higher due to the cessation of upward thrust caused by the stopping of movement of the tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust below them.

The Aravalli Range joins two of the ancient earth’s crust segments that make up the greater Indian craton , the Aravalli Craton which is the Marwar segment of earth’s crust to the northwest of the Aravalli Range, and the Bundelkand Craton segment of earth’s crust to the southeast of the Aravalli Range. Cratons, generally found in the interiors of tectonic plates, are old and stable parts of the continental lithosphere that has remained relatively undeformed during the cycles of merging and rifting of continents.

It consists of two main sequences formed in Proterozoic eon , metasedimentary rock sedimentary rocks metamorphised under pressure and heat without melting and metavolcanic rock metamorphised volcanic rocks sequences of the Aravalli Supergroup and Delhi Supergroup. These two supergroups rest over the Archean Bhilwara Gneissic Complex basement , which is a gneissic high-grade metamorphism of sedimentary or igneous rocks basement formed during the archean eon 4 Ga ago.

It started as an inverted basin , that rifted and pulled apart into granitoid basement , initially during Aravalli passive rifting around 2. It started with rifting of a rigid Archaean continent banded gneissic complex around 2. This tectonic plates collision event involved early thrusting with partial obduction overthrusting of oceanic lithosphere onto continental lithosphere at a convergent plate boundary of the oceanic crust along the Rakhabdev lineament, flattening and eventual wrenching also called strike-slip plate fault, sideways horizontal movement of colliding plates with no vertical motion parallel to the collision zone.

Gurgaon is hosting its next Speed Dating event and here’s all you need to know about it!

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events! Feel the chemistry offline! Mingle with other singles! No more wasting time on fake profiles, chats, messages and calls for months before you actually meet. Be a pioneer trying something trendy and fun! We bring you online experiences to make sure you’ve got an exciting plan every day. Bake a cake, get in some yoga, and stay entertained with digital events on the Paytm Insider app.

Worried your boss may cancel your holiday or your professor may put up weekend lectures? Dont worry, you can easily transfer your ticket to your friend later! Unlock rewards or cashbacks the next time you are going to an event with your friends.

Aravalli Range

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No contact info is exchanged. The ones you liked get your email. The rest get no info about you. Research suggests that within 30 secs of meeting, you know if there is chemistry. That’s why you’ll have brief 6 min meetings with several singles, and then decide who you want to meet for a longer duration.

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In moments of crisis, technology can be key to create new opportunities. The Continuity Studio provides solutions to enable your organization to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. In our new future, video calls are just the first step to collaboration. AI can enable lost dynamics, boost team engagement and propel culture to make your business thrive. We create software products that emotionally connect our customers with millions of consumers and employees, and we work with them to improve their efficiency.

For this, you need the right blend of , design and innovation, and we are the first players to deliver that at scale. We do that through our Studios, deep pockets of expertise on the latest technologies and trends. Our Studio model fosters creativity and innovation while allowing us to build, enhance and consolidate expertise around a variety of emerging technologies. We have mastered a unique way of organizing our teams known as the Agile Pod model.

Here’s what Gurgaon did on V-Day this year

As Covid becomes a part of the new-normal, it has become increasingly difficult for us to remain true to our mission of connecting singles in real life. Without them, it has become impossible to continue further. As a result, after a beautiful and fulfilling 9-year journey, we have decided to graciously call it a day. The Floh app will sunset at midnight on May 31st.

Floh celebrated the spirit of being single, and the celebration will not cease.

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events! One-to-one meet with people of your age group one-by-one during the event time. Generally, Dear Zindagi India maintain equal gender ratio, so you don’t feel left out or ignored in any way. So join in, try your luck and you might someone you treasure for a long time! We bring you online experiences to make sure you’ve got an exciting plan every day. Bake a cake, get in some yoga, and stay entertained with digital events on the Paytm Insider app.

Worried your boss may cancel your holiday or your professor may put up weekend lectures?

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